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Identity Branding

Wahed Kabab

Wahed Kabab is a brand new restaurant specializing in Syrian kebab and grills based in Kuwait. They differentiate themselves from the competition by being one of the very few places in the country where you can get fresh charcoal-grilled Syrian kebab on-the-go and for a reasonable price.
Creating a brand identity for Wahed Kabab was an interesting experience. We were tasked with creating a brand that is modern yet contains elements of Syrian culture and heritage.
Logo animation
Wahed Kabab’s calligraphic logo draws inspiration from historical signage. Before the introduction of modern printing techniques, shops and restaurants in Syria, (like much of the Arab world) relied primarily on hand-painted signage, often made by painters and/or calligraphers, hence our choice of hand-written script for the brand.
Logo Variation
Drawing from Syrian heritage, Wahed Kabab’s graphic elements are reminiscent of patterns found in traditional tiles, brickwork, and textiles, and are used in a modular fashion to create combinations unique to every use.
illustration 4
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Wahed Kabab
Creative Team
Norah Al-Rashid – Creative Director
Abdullah Buhaimed – Creative Designer
Muhannad Al-Wazzan – Illustrator
Hasan Saleh – Presentation Designer​​​​​​​
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