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Opening shop in 2009 under the name “Al Zawya”, Rokit has been operating for over a decade as a small car accessory shop in Aswaq Al-Qurain, Kuwait.
Looking to take their business a step further and growing their brand name and reputation, we were approached by the owner of Rokit, who expressed their intention to rebrand their business completely; from name to logo, they wanted to disconnect themselves from their old brand and re-establish the brand as a youthful, trustworthy, and affordable name in the market, specifically appealing to people in their mid 20s to mid 30s.
The name “Rokit” was chosen as a play on words. The name combines two separate words – those being “raw” and “kit” – in reference to the accessory kits the shop offers to its customers, and forms a name that sounds like “rocket”, which represents their speed of service and their uplifting of customers’ cars.
Rokit’s logo combines many different elements to represent the brand’s characteristics.
The logomark combines the letters R and K together, representing the two words making up the logo, and also features the stylized figure of a rocket. Meanwhile, the wordmark utilizes typefaces that are inspired by classic sports car logos and typefaces such as Porsche, McLaren, and others. The tilt and streaks featured in the typography add to the sensation of speed and forward momentum, tying in with the visual of the rocket in the logomark.

For flexibility, the logo also has 3 variants that can be used – The logomark or typemark in isolated format, or combined into the primary combination mark.

As part of Rokit’s new brand, we created stationery, packaging, and social media launch posts, each expanding the brand’s visual identity in their own way.

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Creative Team
Norah Al-Rashid – Executive Creative Director
Abdullah Buhaimed – Creative Director and Designer
Hasan Saleh – Presentation Visuals and Motion Graphics
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