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dar ātma

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Founded in 2014, dar ātma is a yoga and wellness center in Kuwait, providing a comfortable space for practicing yoga, meditation, and healing. dar ātma seeks to build a healthy community based around love and compassion.
Concrete was approached by dar ātma in 2019, after they had been struggling with consistency in both their branding, visuals, and content direction. The team was tasked with unifying the studio’s colors and typefaces, and creating a system and guidelines for photography, videography, and graphics.
For dar ātma, we wanted to create a visual direction that showcased the serenity of their space and culture – it had to be  inviting, refreshing, and calming.
Beginning with their color scheme, we drew inspiration from scenes of natural beauty. The yellow of the morning sun, the blue of the sky and ocean, the red and purple of dusk.
We then combined elements of simple and airy sans-serif typography with the free-flowing, human touches of script typefaces, creating a balance that was elegant and personal.
Lastly, we tackled the photo and video aspect of the brand. With a focus on capturing their unique space, their instructors as well as the wide range of yoga poses they teach, we set out to shoot and create a large library of photos and videos for dar ātma. This would allow for the easy creation of content in the future, and would provide a large variety of media to incorporate and work into their brand and social media.

With the new brand elements in place, the project moved into the content planning and creation phase, which was handled by the Shuttlemint team.

Beginning by identifying the different types of content that would be present on dar ātma’s page, we created categories to make the content creation process easier and more streamlined, as well as to help maintain a consistent overall look.

Highlights were also created for the account, which provided essential information related to the studio, and were used to share snippets of daily life in the studio.

Promotional videos and motion graphics were also created for the account.

More recently, the Shuttlemint team also handled content for dar ātma after they had undergone a rebranding. The new brand’s visuals were adapted seamlessly into the content.

Thank you for viewing our work! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
 Daratma Visual Direction &  Social Media
Concrete Creative Team
Norah Al-Rashid – Executive Creative Director, Photo, Video, & Design
Suha Fatima – Creative Designer
Muhannad Al-Wazzan – Creative Designer
Abdullah Buhaimed – Creative Designer & Presentation Copywriting
Hasan Saleh – Presentation Motion Graphics & Design
Shuttlemint Creative Team
Norah Al-Rashid – Executive Creative Director
Abdullah Buhaimed – Creative Director, Designer, Motion Graphics
Zaynab Hodroj – Creative Designer
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